Peace out 2014. It’s been real.

Here, I sit with a bun on my head and an appalling amount of green clay I’ve globbed onto my face. I call it a “mask.” Here, I sit basking in the light of my beautifully decorated Christmas tree, soaking it in while reminiscing on the past year. Tis the very end of year number 20, for moi. And as usual, I like to recap all the things I’ve experienced, both good and bad. The year 2014 started off hopeful, with the knowledge that nothing could be worse than 2013. And that has held true so far. When 2013 turned the corner and I saw 2014 as the light at the end of the tunnel I knew things would be far better than I could have hoped for…and I can’t say that I was wrong. Although 2014 brought its own new challenges, like living off campus, finding a place to park, actually working my butt off to get good grades, and trying to find a place to fit in…. I found that 2014 also brought its own new blessings, like learning how to get creative when I know I’m about to be late for class, and discovering how to position things in my room to block out the light of zooming cars out my window and the beeps, caused from less intelligent people driving on the wrong side of my one way street. The year brought much greater blessings than these, and the ones I’ve ignored are much too good to even try to put into words. You’ll just have to take my word for it. It was a splendid, lovely year. Now that I’m (partially) done bragging I have to review my bucket list and see if I actually did the things I told myself I would. Fingers crossed that I accomplished all (or at least most) of that list.

Voila! I’ve found it.

  1. Find a Hike: FAIL. To be completely honest, I don’t even think I tried.
  2. Accumulate vintage items: SEMI-ACCOMPLISHED. I bought an old Polaroid camera, that worked for only about a total of 4 pictures, the rest was just wasted and incredibly expensive film. I also got an old ring from my Nana, which is gorgeous and much more practical then a crappy camera, no offense. I’m stilling praying it will eventually work again.
  3. Bookstore: ACCOMPLISHED. I found a few, actually. Apparently Words on Wheels was a hit for me.
  4. Favorite book: ACCOMPLISHED. Jesus Calling. I read it everyday and so far no book has been better.
  5. Musication: SEMI-ACOMMPLISHED. I love having random songs sent to me, and I’ve received an assortment of music from an eclectic range of people. The most memorable songs of the year, for me, are: Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton, Who Do We Think We Are by John Legend, and more that I’ll have to share in another post. Warning these songs are not really normal.
  6. Write a song: FAIL. I write them in my head… Does that count?
  7. Drive in theater: FAIL: Still waiting for someone to take me on a date to Coyote Drive In….
  8. Attend a concert: ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks to my great friend Lesli who won free Justin Timberlake concert tickets. Love ya, Les. And also Stagecoach, and of course Stagecoach again next year is already booked.
  9. Dress up: ACCOMPLISHED. I stuck to it. Rarely ever dressed poorly (or at least what I considered poorly, don’t ask my roommates if they agree), partially because I stopped working out the past 3 months because I was sick and kept pushing it off and I knew even if I put on work out clothes I wouldn’t make it to the gym. Next year I have to dress business casual EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  10. Get a job: ACCOMPLISHED… let me repeat. I have to dress business casual EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. At least I get my own binder and my own business cards. I have to brush up on my persuasion skills because as a new TCU Student Media Account Executive, I have to sell ads like there’s no tomorrow.

And so, I’d like to think I had a very well rounded year. Stayed in the grey area for the most part. I guess I finally realized that not everything is black or white. And while that may be kind of boring, it was exactly what I needed before entering my next year, my 21st. Cheers!

Preview For Next Blog Post: I plan on doing a short year recap with a couple pictures and ending with a list of tips I’ve learned throughout the past year. For readers who are actively paying attention, let me know if there is anything else I should (or shouldn’t…) post. Thanks and Happy Holidays.


The United States of Tara as told by her wardrobe

Here is the scoop, (I am turning into my mother) I recently found out that I am in the process of discovering and creating my identity. It is really quite enthralling, but I have a slight dilemma. Here it is. I like to match my personality accordingly with my outfits. It really isn’t as silly as you think. I will give you a few common examples.

Dress for Success: We all know that we feel our best when we look our best. Dress for Success is applicable in quite a few situations really. Test days. Interviews. Dates. Parties. Presentations. You name it. We look good. We feel good. We do good.

IDGAF: This look was most common in the latter years of highs school. Freshmen and sophomores were often teased for dressing well. Pretty twisted I think know looking back on it. But this left the trend of upper classmen dressing like hobos. IDGAF. Excuse my language, but if you dress like shit odds are you will feel like shit.

So these are my two generic examples of how outfits can dictate our personalities or at least current attitudes. Which brings me back to my original problem. I have quite the identity crisis. Here are the classifications of my current style.


image found on tumblr.

Black is the New Black: Pretty much every girl I know owns significantly more items of clothing in black then in any other color. I will not lie I went through an all black phase. It wasn’t emo, it was actually pretty classy… which is why I now own over 10 LBDs. If you are ever in need to borrow, I have plenty to lend out. Black will never go out of style so I am not ready to purge these not so bright articles of clothing. Generally black will always be present in any outfit of mine.


image found on tumblr.

I Actually Like This. I Am Not Trying To Be Hipster: High waisted shorts may not be the most flattering look, but they are so darn cute. I am a huge advocate of “if you’ve got it flaunt it.” This hipster look calls for more flat chested and size zero models that typically reside on the California coast. Unfortunately, I don’t fit those requirements, but I love the clothes too much to care if I fit the stereotypical hipster look. This, however, comes with a warning. Texans are less approving of this look. I find it works better for me in the land that I call home. Sweet Sweet California.

This is Trendy But Will I Ever Wear It: This is my biggest fashion crime. I have fallen into the trendy trap. Magazines are slowly deteriorating my brain cells and making me fall madly in love (for about two seconds) with various articles of clothing. In fact my closet is almost filled with clothing reflecting the ever changing trends of 2009 to 2013. I cannot pinpoint one item. But I know that there are at least three items from every year that I have purchased, hung in my closet, and never looked at it ever again.


image found on pinterest.

Strat Prep: Of course I am in a sorority. When you go to TCU it is nearly mandatory. I am obsessed with the image I have of myself being in my early thirties rocking a chic Kate Spade look with elegance and class, and of course pearls. What kind of prep doesn’t wear pearls? Me. I took more of the sporty sorority prep style. Vinyard Vines. Long shirts, ugly shorts, nike shoes, and a monogrammed heart. Believe it or not, I still do not own monogram anything….yet.

I Don’t Actually Run: This look could be quite similar to the uniformed sorority look. The difference is this look can follow me back into my beautiful hometown. That is where it gets dangerous. I have to keep in mind that back in California a cute work out outfit does not consist of oversized shirts and norts. If you are going to pretend you go to the gym don’t forget to slide on your lulus and tank.

Miscellaneous: Last but not least, my closet is filled with single items that don’t quite fit into any outfits. It is usually that shirt that I try on with every pair of pants, shorts, or skirts I own and it still doesn’t quite go with any. It is that black mini skirt that I insisted on buying because I knew it would match everything, but it doesn’t fit right with anything. It is the chiffon blouse that I used to wear all the time, that doesn’t have the spunk it used to have a couple months ago. These clothes sit in my closet begging me to wear them and I feel sorry for them, but I just cant.

So do you see my dilemma here? I have about three main styles that I dress accordingly to, but I don’t know which one I find myself in more. I suppose my identity allows for more than one sense of style, but my mind wants the perfect match. I wear who I am.