For Lack of a better word, we call it ignorance.

I find that as we grow older the word ignorance shifts from innocence to obliviousness. As children we see the world with wide eyes and unscratched hearts. I think of myself as a small little girl who still responds to the name teetles. I imagine my small little eyes squished by my freckled cheeks that threatened to reveal my snaggle-toothed smile.  I remember brushing my blonde bangs out of my eyes and shading my them with the most stylish of pink shades. I remember my favorite light up Velcro shoes. I remember innocence. I remember bliss. I knew I didn’t know anything about everything and I was content with that. I was curious to learn, but not ashamed of what I didn’t know. Ignorance wasn’t something to be embarrassed of or frowned down upon it was just a matter of fact. I was young enough to not show fear in my bright blue eyes. I was young enough not to twirl my blonde locks between my thumb and middle finger with anxiety and sweaty palms. I was young enough to get away with not knowing who I wanted to be or what I was or wasn’t capable of being. But that blissful ignorance starts to fade with age. The more we know the more we understand. Life isn’t all that easy. We can feel pain and terror, but we also can feel loved and protected. We have a deeper understanding, but its not to say that we are not ignorant anymore. And as we grow the definition of ignorance changes. As adorable as it is to be a naïve child, it isn’t so easy to have that same definition pinned to you as an adult. I am no longer blissed by innocence and ignorance, but I was forced to face it. I turn 20 in a week and the milestone marks my last chance of innocence and youth (well, it feels that way to me). I am at the point in life where it is time to pick my major and follow through on it. And if I don’t I am afraid of being seen as oblivious and immature. With that I would much rather choose to believe that I am savoring my innocence and appreciating my ignorance. I have so much to learn and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to learn it. So why must we be looked down on if we don’t know everything. Where learning was once encouraged, it’s bogged down by the competition to know everything. We don’t know everything and we never will. And it’s okay to know a little about everything or even everything about a little thing. But we will never fully understand life and we must learn to be okay with that. We can still see the light of ignorance without its progressed connotation as we grow. Let us grow upwards toward the light with confidence and naivety. Let’s be okay with still being that little kid who looked up at the sky and asked “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” We must let our curious minds wander unhindered by unrealistic expectations and standards we perceive are set for ourselves. Growing up is inevitable, but learning is a choice.