Fat Tuesday

Oh no! The time has come. Binge day! This could only mean one thing… after today, no more chocolate. Let me break it down for y’all. This coming Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, marks the first day of Lent in Western Christianity. Gather ’round you Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Anglicans and Presbyterians. We are preparing for 40 days of fasting, on this 46 day adventure called Lent. Gear up, suck it in, and eat (today) like there is no tomorrow. The sun is up and so are we. I’ve collected a list of foods I will be nomming on today.

I’m going to have to finish my Somoas (the thin mints were finished last night). I’ll be saying Hasta la vista to my four boxes of chocolate that I’ve been hoarding. I’ll be eating bread, most likely.

Here are some great ideas for what to give up for lent if you’ve been struggling. Are you ready? Yes, another list. Did you expect anything less from me?

1. chocolate

2. Facebook

3. sweets (in general)

4. soda

5. alcohol

6. swearing

7. fast food

8. caffeine

9. smoking

10. negativity

11. gluten

12. red meat

11. Netflix

12. laziness

13. procrastination

14. making excuses

15. make up

It’s not an extensive list, but hopefully you’ve found a way to branch out from those and make a decision. It’s hard. I was like Twitter? No, I can’t because I have to use it for a class. Facebook? Nope, I need it for sorority information. Instagram? Sorry, I’m weak. So I chose a couple, in order of importance (according to me). Some of these are things I can physically avoid, a lot of them take mental practice. Bear with me here while I blurt out a list stacked of insanity and impossibilities. Hold me accountable if you know me. PLEASE!

1. negativity

2. gluten (i really need to be kind to my body)

3. chocolate

4. gossip

5. laziness (this means i have to get out of bed right now)

I’m sure that as the weeks go by, I will drop one or pick one up, but as of now, this holds. So Fat Tuesday, Cheers! Let’s binge eat while we can.





Silence can mean a lot of things. In its most obvious form silence is the absence of noise, stillness, and tranquility. Silence can be a scream for help. Silence can be a source of greatness. Silence can be comfortable and yet it can be tragic too. Whatever definition or meaning you attach it with is perfectly suitable. But silence is expressed; it is loud.

Tranquility and stillness. Seems pretty quiet. When your whole body is silent, what are you filled with? Numbness. One of your worst fears, not being able to feel anything at all. . It’s dangerous being alone with your thoughts, but being lonely and thoughtless is just as detrimental. Experiencing silence within oneself must be quite the challenge. I have never experienced it without the numbness that simultaneously takes over my mind, soul, and body.

Silent screams are terrifying. Can you help someone who isn’t asking for help? Be aware. Be conscious. Be observant. You could save a life.

Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is such a talent. It shows strength. It is a non-aggressive way of addressing a situation with power and opportunity to be “heard.”Image

Can you sit with someone for hours and hours without exchanging words? I consider these moments to be the most peaceful and fulfilling joys of my life.  A friend once said to me, “You know I like hanging out with you because we can talk about anything but at the same time we can enjoy each others’ silence.” I shared that agreement with him. It’s been a while since I’ve met anyone else I can do this with. It is a safe and comfortable feeling that takes a special someone to be shared with.

While this friendly silence is healthy, silence between friends can come in the form of betrayal in certain circumstances. Martin Luther King Jr. states the hard truth. “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.

Silence. It is neither good nor bad. It just is. And it is up to us to do what we please with it. Healthy or not. Silence is loud. It is very loud.