On Repeat

If you don’t know me or my not-so-absurd study habits, you’ll probably benefit from knowing that my favorite song is The Intro by The XX. Y’all have heard this song a bazillion times, trust me. It’s that super catchy low-key beat that can be streamed together for 10 hours (seriously though, it’s on YouTube) and there are (fun fact) absolutely no lyrics. Just looking at iTunes on my computer you can see the blatant gap between my top 25 most played songs, coming in first The Intro with 719 plays (as of right now) and coming in a “close” second Clocks by Coldplay with a solid 76 plays. So, you guessed it, instead of listening to YouTube’s ten hour version of The Intro, I’ve dedicated my time solely to listening to my 6 minute version, on repeat, every single time I study, or attempt to study at least.

I claim to be spontaneous, one of my top three traits, but I am pretty damn predictable. I’m a creature of habit. Aren’t we all though? I’ve decided that I need to leave myself opportunities for new experiences, for stepping outside my comfort zone. So this week, I had a couple new rites-of-passages. Some good, some bad. And instead of doing my usual lists on this site, I’ll change it up and purge some words without any other context. So who wants to know what happened recently? Ya? Okay cool. Here goes nothing.

I went on my very first “official” date. I didn’t get let into the student section for my very first time and sadly it was for the K-state game. Us roommates had our very first fight about doing the dishes. I tried a coconut-oil hair mask. I went to Lab, that weird freshman bar. I got accepted to the London study abroad program for Strat Comm. I listened to new music. Found a new song to play on repeat. It’s called Bad Intentions by Niykee Heaton. I went to my very first hockey game. Go Stars! I got a 97.5% on my advertising test. I got my very first C on a comm paper. I saw a couple new movies. My roommates and friends had some exciting new experiences too, but it’s not my place to tell. Although, I want to brag for them. It took me 40 minutes to park at school on a rainy day. TCU has officially beat all of the Big 12 teams in the past three years. We rock!

Alright, I think that’s all my little mind can think off. I’ll let you know if any more cool stuff happens. This is just a reminder to give yourself a break. Give up that monotonous daily/weekly/monthly/yearly routine for just a quick moment. Make it memorable, intentional, and freeing.

Cheers to New Experience and Peace Out,



With Messy Hair and Eager Eyes

You know that one song that you hear, it comes on every once in a while, and it’s the one that makes you feel invincible. It takes you away from drowning yourself in other thoughts. Let’s replace that song with living exactly how we envision our lives would be when hearing that melody and inspirational lyrics.

1. Free yourself from expectations. Go find a new friend who has nothing in common with you and talk until you’ve become best friends.

2. Go out for a walk by yourself. Not a run. A walk. Take your time. Don’t rush to be back with friends or get back to studying. Seriously, take your time.

3. Don’t brush your hair. Even if you care, pretend you don’t. This one may be a risky one, but maybe avoid public places unless you are going to the beach.

4. Fall asleep to peaceful sounds. Maybe it is the crashing of waves on your favorite beach. Maybe its rain. Just do it.

5. Eat the second bowl of ice cream. (AJ would agree with this one.) Count the calories? Absolutely not. Be happy, not crazy.

The point I am trying to get across is simple. Color outside the lines. Conformity is comfortable, but being yourself should be the easiest thing to do. 

Curly Hair


My actual hair. I told you!

If you thought I was a psycho for letting my outfit determine my attitude, then you were sorely mistaken. My hair has the ultimate power to dictate how I feel. This might not make sense to the readers who have naturally straight hair. Yes, I envy you, not just because it is a simple style that takes little effort, but because it is predictable.  You will wake up in the morning and brush your hair and move on. That is not the case with curly hair. Most mornings I wake up with an afro and ruthless tangles, no not tangles, knots

This hair do typically means I will need to jump in the shower and leave the house with wet hair, unless I have a couple hours to spare. Some days I wake up to see a beach bum staring back at me in the mirror. Waking up with this do in California is a great start to my day. Meanwhile, in Texas… not so much. My hair doesn’t typically dry into pageant hair, sorry TCU.  These beachy waves don’t quite make the cut in the humid Texan air.

A Texas morning goes something like this:

8:00am- Wake Up Call

8:30am- Dare to Look at Myself in the Mirror

8:32am- Cry

8:33am- Construct a Game Plan

8:40am- Execute Plan

10:30am- Hair is Ready to go

Can you see how hair dictates my mood and attitude for generally the rest of the day? Waking up on a good hair day means a smooth sailing day and I feel like I am ready to conquer the world.  I don’t need to explain my loose temper on the bad hair days. Here are a couple of tips for those followers who also struggle with this daily battle.

Curly Hair Basics

  2. You’re hair looks longer when it is straight.
  3. Straightening your hair won’t make it grow longer.
  4. Avoid dying your hair brown (if blonde, or vice versa).  Image
  5. Be careful when falling asleep with wet hair.
  6. It takes a good hour to straighten your hair without bumps or kinks, don’t take the short cut. It looks unpolished and juvenile.
  7. Learn how to fix your curls with a curling iron. It is an easy touch up.
  8. Embrace those curls, girl. They suit you.
  9. Don’t envy those silky locks too much. Remember that texture hair couldn’t even hold a curl even if it tried.
  10.  Sometimes a ponytail or a bun is the only way to get through the day.