Tell Me I’m Pretty… I Mean Funny.


Recently, I’ve been told I’m quite funny, hysterical, in fact. Wow! Well, that sure is a lot to live up to. I find my primetime for humor happens to be around 2 a.m. It is currently 2 p.m. as I write this so forgive me for my lack of funniness. I’m not writing this to tell you that I think I am funny; I’m telling you that incorporating humor on a daily basis is a recipe for stress relief and positive thinking. We are allowed to make fun of ourselves, as long as we stay away from damaging our self-esteems. TBH–the more I embarrass myself, the more confident I get. You know that terrible feeling when you can literally feel the redness creep up to your face? When you have to put your hair up because your body gets so hot you think you might start a fire? Yeah, well that feeling fades. So today, I answered a question…wrong. And for the first time in a very long times, I didn’t feel like an older woman going through menopause. Sorry ladies; my hot flashes can be pretty intense. Meanwhile, with this Texas bipolar weather, I’ve been able to have complete control of my body temperature. HA! False. I do not…but my rosy red cheeks aren’t due to embarrassment. It’s weather related, I swear.

A lot of my daily giggles come from social media too. I’m going to share my favorite funny accounts, but this is a WARNING. If you are not tolerant of mild to moderate vulgarity, then I recommend you look elsewhere. For those of you who don’t mind inappropriate humor, feel free to take a gander. Surprise, another list.

1. @TheFatJewish Instagram account…classic

2. Elite Daily and they also have an Instagram 

3. Funny Vines twitter = endless LOLs

4. iFunny... it’s like Reddit, but for lazy people

5. Buzzfeed is the ultimate time-killer

And obviously my own accounts. Not that they are funny, but I could use a new follower or two.

Alright ladies and gents, pick your poison and start enjoying the little things in life. I love laughing out loud alone with tears in my eyes and smiling at my phone like a goober. Whatever, if I am happy, let me be happy. Normally, I would encourage you to find a way to avoid using your phone every second of the day, but it is the day and age, right? It’s better than social media causes FOMO; its social media caused LOLO (laugh out loud omg) Ya? Nope…okay I tried. A lame attempt, I will admit.

Okay, people go out and enjoy your day. Feel free to leave a funny comment. Jokes (cheesy or not) are always welcome.


Lil Tee (street name)