Glitter and Gold

Good Afternoon Fellow Followers!

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to glittery feelings and gold attitudes. Instead of complaining about my past week with work and school, I am going to share my celebrations with y’all instead. Yay! Don’t fret, there were surely be a follow up post for “no more rainbows and butterflies” kinds of days. But not today. Today we are celebrating my birthday… and Kelsey’s birthday… and Leigh’s birthday. Yes, 3/4 girls living in my cute little house at school all turned 21 in the same week. Yikes, but also CHEERS! IMG_5441We are so excited to celebrate together. We each got our own birthday crowns to make it official, as if our ID’s weren’t good enough proof. Our wonderful roommate (who is not 21) decided to throw us a birthday bash. A.K.A. a wine and cheese dinner pre game party. Her and her little from AXO decorated our house beautifully.


HBD to us, the girls of the fortress 

Prepare for more pictures tomorrow. Or whenever I have energy to post them. Everything is glittery and gold (hence the title of the post) and also light pink. I realized that I had painted my fingernails light gold which perfectly fits the theme.IMG_5444 Other than hanging birthday signs with beautiful calligraphy or typography (whatever it’s called), and having streamers lined up as a picture backdrop, and decorated champagne glasses and valentines straws, and cute gold and pink coasters… we also still have our Christmas lights up. You know, to add some flare.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.