Dear Abby

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me more questions! I am in the mood to give some advice. By y’all asking me questions I am  able to provide advice for myself too, and I really need that so please let’s help each other out.

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Monday Blues, but Posi-Vibes

I’ve been having a rough transition getting back into the school grove since Fall Break. I’m feeling a little unmotivated, stressed out, and blah. And I am seriously questioning where I am going in life. What am I even good at? Why did I pick this major? Will I ever actually get a job? Anyway, my overthinking will be the death of me. So today… I’ve decided to give us all a little motivation. Sending positive vibes your way.

1. Drinking tea makes you feel better, remember that. If you don’t believe me check out this page and also check out this photo that explains what tea cures what problem! qsOU4D7

2. Tell yourself you are creative, important, and are interested in creating a radiant future. And believe that you can.

3. Tell yourself “I have friends that love me.” Dig deeper and look at the small things that make you feel better and be a little more thankful to those around you who support you in little ways or big ways too. Maybe write them a small thank you note.

4.Congratulate yourself for your own accomplishments. You aced that super hard test! You are a star! You didn’t do as well as you thought? Who cares? You tried. Gold star! Did you get out of bed today? I am so proud of you.

5. Say it aloud. “Fear is a feeling; it cannot hold me back.”

6. Know that you can control your thoughts. It takes practice. It takes time. And let me tell you it sure as hell takes a lot of energy, but you can do it.

7. Just think. By reading this you’re already taking a step in the right direction. You are learning so much more about yourself and are appreciating life in little bits. And that is rad. It really is!

8. Exercise to maintain your physical and mental health. Just do it.

9. Somewhere, anywhere, I don’t care where. Write it. Write I am worthy. Write it on your body, in your planner, in your wallet, on your ceiling. Seriously, but if you can please write it in sharpie.

10. Lastly, write all of this on your mirror or somewhere that you look at everyday. Write this in your own words. Look up more. Make up your own. Just make sure to remind yourself, daily, that you are beautiful, wonderful, and loved.


P.S. This is the verse of the day. I just looked it up and I am so glad it complements my post today.

The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
—Hebrews 4:12



merci cartes

The importance of writing Thank You notes.

Handwritten words are much lovelier than stoic typed sentences with perfect spacing and no room for error, thanks to spell check and icky basic sans serif fonts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy quickly typing out my thoughts without pausing for hand cramps and trying to remember my train of thought. In fact, words are much easier to purge when you can speedily and numbly move your fingers without even looking at where they are going. It just spills out on the white screen in front of you and you keep getting blinded by the mix of harsh black and white that blurs together the longer you stare. This, my friends, is the perfect excuse for using your tired little fingers to draw out thoughts and beauty and magic. Handwritten.

Okay… so maybe some of you scribble notes in class with a blue pen in hopes of remembering every little detail. This is not the joy I am referring to when I speak of handwritten. I really do loathe how slow it takes to write down every little detail of class even if I do think it will help me remember it for the test (it does though, I promise). Here are my happy ideas for written words.

1. Vow to write those thank you letters you have been meaning to send out. Seriously, these letters mean more than you think. I know sometimes I worry that my letters never actually reach the person, but remember that thank you letters are very rarely responded to. And that is part of the joy. Do it and do not expect anything in return.

2. Scribble down your favorite scrumptious recipes and share it with family and friends. Recipes are much more fun to follow when they are stained with vanilla and sticky hands. It gives you a little taste of what to expect before getting yourself mixed in the messy process of baking or cooking.

3. Write down your favorite words. Be kind.

4. Write down the words you keep forgetting. Whether it be to strengthen your vocabulary or simply studying the concept you just seem to not be able to remember. Write it down, again and again until you’ll never, ever, forget it.

5. Send a note to a friend. It can be a post it note or a 3 page letter. Just let them know you care.

6. Keep a day planner. Yes, I use my calendar in my phone, but I also enjoy scribbling in my Lily Pulitzer day planner as well. It’s pink and green… my happy colors.

7. Make lists. It’s my favorite activity, in case you couldn’t tell.

And Voila… it’s simple and easy and delightful. It can be superfluous, flawed, or discombobulated… but who cares. Embrace it.

Goodnight, Sleep tight,


p.s. these are my sleepy words. i’ll leave my editing for tomorrow when I am alive and awake.