Avoiding Real Life

I found it fitting that as I am avoiding paying attention in the last class I have before my Stats final (trust me it’s really not thrilling), I browsed into my favorite websites and landed on one of my favorites, Rachel’s. I clicked through her new blog and came across this post; I’m not going to lie, but if I wasn’t in class I would’ve 100% cried. Rachel’s writing is such an inspiration to me. Her prose is so unique and like nothing else I’ve heard before. I can literally hear her sweet little voice as I read the carefully created posts on her site. So just as Rachel seemed like she maybe was avoiding closure with Texas, she found Christ who filled her emptiness and refreshed her soul, preparing it for a new chapter. Correct me if I am wrong… Anyway, I thought sharing some of her advice would be worthy, regardless if you know her. She is a wise one.

Enjoy your day!