Luck of the Irish

in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day coming up.


Luck. Do you believe in luck? Four leaf clovers? Horseshoes? The number 7? Do you make a wish at 11:11? Kiss the ceiling and close your eyes… I don’t know. Sometimes I get the vibe that luck doesn’t follow you around if you are a believer of it. I haven’t made a wish at 11:11 in over 5 years.  I was convinced that I ever forgot to wish at 11:11 something bad would happen. So I stopped completely. Superstitious, right? I hate that word. I don’t believe in it. And now I am debating if I believe in luck. Have I had lucky guesses? Absolutely, but they are probably educated guesses to be perfectly honest. Have I experienced “luck?” Possibly. I used to be such a believer of luck, but the more I look into each of these experiences I find that these situations were just meant to be. Maybe they are miracles. I don’t know. Is it worth finding out? Should I be a believer of dumb luck? Or is it something deeper?


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