Fitness Friday

TGIF, am I right?

As the week dwindles down and excitement for the weekend builds up, our minds and bodies decide to take a little break. And hey, you know that is okay. We deserve that down time. We deserve that extra bite of chocolate cake. Right? Well thats exactly what I thought last night as I binged on chocolates and candies and fell asleep on my best friends couch at about 9pm. Pretty pathetic right. But now I realize that little “break” starts off the weekend on an unhealthy note. I woke up this morning feeling pretty unmotivated. With that I knew exactly where to go. I was in serious need of some fitspo, fitness inspiration. Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram have wonderful fitspo tags that will help you gain some motivation to hit the gym. Not to mention New Years resolutions are coming up and if you are going to make the same New Years resolution as the one you made last year, you may want to get a head start. Start your fitness plan, stay healthy during the holidays, and you get to show off your rocking bod on New Years.

Well, I am am off to Pilates. Wish me luck and happy friday, y’all. Kick some butt!


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