To Make Things Not So Ugly

A lot of things in life can be seen as ugly, my new blog being one of them. However, ugliness is not the way something looks, but rather they way we see it. If not for our peers, parents, or partners we would never know what ugly is. They way we perceive ugliness is based on how others near us perceive it. We are not conditioned to think that something specific is ugly, we are taught it from the people in our everyday lives. Our thoughts become less of our own and we become less aware of them. The good news is that because I just said this, you are now totally aware. Fortunately, we can rewire our brains anyway we would like to. We can train our brains to see beauty in the most hideous things. We can feel blessed in the darkest times. And we can think as independently as we wish. And with this knowledge I hope that you can challenge yourself to break from the pack. Remember that little stuffed animal that you loved back when you were seven. Yeah, the one you stuffed away under your bed because your friend said it was ugly. Well it is time to take that stuff animal out from under the bed and face your monstrous fears. You do not have to conform to the thoughts of others around you, even if your attire does. You do not have to give up your dreams, because you have seen someone else fail. You do not have to hide who you are, because you know that different is not always accepted. Find your own beauty and never blame anything on ugliness, because I know somewhere in it you will find beauty. 


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