The Purged Word

“Welcome to WordPress,” I say as I find myself wandering through countless posts from previous blogs and reminiscing on the many urls, usernames, and titles from my past. I laughed after I spent more than a couple of minutes challenging each one of my “original” ideas for my blog’s name with the red words that read sorry that username is unavailable. And so the story goes a little something like this. This blog will be solely used as a place to purge my thoughts, hence the name, “The Purged Word.”

I find it ironic that writing comes naturally to people who struggle with words off of paper. Maybe it is that our minds work faster than our lips or that are thoughts are too sophisticated for our ears. Whatever it is, I find inspiration out of my lack of conversation. In moments of writers block I find myself thinking of everything I cannot say. Through the words I would never admit aloud, I can purge on paper, and here I will do just that. 


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