Catch Phrases

I figured I would warn my readers about the language I intend to share with you. I often use abbreviations or slang that you may not understand, hence this page where you can refer to. Before I get any deeper into this blog I would like to share my ever growing list of Catch Phrases. 


Here is the scoop: This term is coined by my lovely mother who frequently starts announcing the game plan with this introduction.

LBD: Little Black Dress. If you don’t know what that is… I probably don’t know who you are. This comes with a warning sign. LDB is not to be confused with My Black Dress (see below).

My Black Dress: Along with the ten other LBDs that I own, this one is my absolute favorite. And I am going to share my deepest darkest secret with you. It is from Target. Yes I own a $15 quarter-sleeve, cotton black dress and I love it. I have also had it for 6 years. This however, will no longer be considered one of the black dresses on the allowed to borrow list. Tough luck.

TCU: Texas Christian University. My beautiful and enchanting school. Yellow brick buildings and frog fountain being its main beauty. Yeah, TCU definitely has its quirks, but it is by far the best school in the world. For future reference, our mascot is a horned frog. Beat that!

Tumblr: My online diary. So what? Barely any of the posts are mine, but they all resemble me. If you see me on my computer or phone and zoning out the world, chances are I am on that Tumblr grind.

SGP: My roommate last year created the best Pandora station we refer to as Slutty Girl Playlist or SGP for short. This playlist consists of our favorite pump up party jams starring hits from 2009. Our favorite certainly being Ignition Remix by none other than R. Kelly. This song is the theme song of SGP.

Smacking: The noise made when lips are being smacked together. The most common times this excruciatingly painful sound is heard are the following: after eating, movie make out scenes, chewing gum, eating cereal with your mouth open, and of course the natural bodily function of breathing. This sound is my biggest pet peeve. Just talking about it is like nails on a chalkboard. This is a warning to all readers that if you are ever with me and you make even the slightest smacking sound I have given myself permission to evacuate the premise. Buh-Bye.

Toe Nos: Ah a favorite term coined by me. As practically an infant, I discovered this to be an affective way to get my sock removed and put on in a different position. To this day I will take off my shoe and fix my sock if that little white line is hitting my pinky toe wrong or sliding too far down the inside of my big toe. Toe Nos have the ability to make or break my day.

My Knee: Long story short I have had three knee surgeries in the past four years. Needless to say, my knee is in pretty bad shape. For future posts, if I ever complain about how I can’t do anything because of my knee… now you know why.

DOB: Dylan O’brien. He is quite frequently the subject of obsession in my life. I can proudly say that my friends share this obsession as well. If you want to fall in love with him I would recommend watching The First Time. Following that you will watch multiple interviews only to find that he also stars in MTV’s Teen Wolf. You will fall deeper in love with him there.

California Burrito: I can’t tell you what is in it. But it is magic. And the only way to know what I am talking about is for you to come down to Southern California and get yourself a Cali B. You will not regret this. If you are looking for a Mexican-Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurant to find your favorite burrito, I can suggest a few: Karina’s, Rico’s, Cotixan, Jorge’s, Quanita’s, Roberto’s, and basically any thing that looks sketchy.

Dank: No, this is not a term used to refer to marijuana. But rather dank is a word that was often brought up in high school to refer to something being “good” or “hot.” For example: “California burritos are soo dank.” Or “That chick is a dank bid.” If you still don’t understand this, just move on.

The boys: This term is often used to refer to the group of boys I often hang out with. This term stays the same as the group of boys change. Referring to the boys while in California is different than referring to the boys at TCU.

Club Lib: Yes, the TCU Library. Where I don’t spend enough time in and when I do it is usually when walking through the quiet section with the zippers of my boots jingling and avoiding death stares. Enter with caution.

Janky: When something does not work properly or if something doesn’t look right. It makes sense in context, but I often find Texans don’t use this terminology.


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